Saturday, August 13

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Episode 39 – Kara Schaaf
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Episode 39 – Kara Schaaf

So Kara and I met on the set of Confessions of a Womanizer with Andrew Lawrence. She is the sister of my friend and producer Tim Schaaf. Now, Andrew is a good friend of mine and we have done three (3) films together - and he will be a guest on the podcast soon! But I wanted to bring on the lovely Kara to talk about her experience being in the film STALK I directed for Horror House. Mimosas with Michael on Spotify Mimosas with Michael on YouTube BIO: Kara Schaaf is an actress and producer, known for Confessions of a Womanizer (2014), Better Than Love and The Frightening (2002). Instagram Twitter

First Podcast Review

The Mimosas with Michael Podcast has received it's first review...and it's a glowing positive review! Thank you to Poppin Podcasts on Tumblr for the kind words regarding our podcast! Also, wanted to say thank you to all of our listeners/followers. Your support and continual feedback makes the podcast better and better each day and for that I am grateful!