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Episode 9 – Ray McCann

To open February and Black History Month I thought I would interview my good friend and President of SketchHouse Entertainment, Ray McCann. He was chillin with his home boy Donte Spears – and we talk to them about being young producers in Hollywood!




Raymond McCann President of Sketch House Entertainment has extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Coming from the TV Sitcom world he has worked under major producers like Bentley Kyle Evans (Martin, Jamie Foxx) and Jeff Franklin (Full House, Fuller House). This experience of working under seasoned showrunners has given him extensive business knowledge on how to prepare, package and promote a show.



First Podcast Review

SELRES_9e3d877e-dc2d-4754-9c75-c04cb9e235b1The Mimosas with Michael Podcast has received it’s first review…and it’s a glowing positive review! Thank you to Poppin Podcasts on Tumblr for the kind words regarding our podcast!SELRES_9e3d877e-dc2d-4754-9c75-c04cb9e235b1


Also, wanted to say thank you to all of our listeners/followers. Your support and continual feedback makes the podcast better and better each day and for that I am grateful!

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Episode 7 – Eric Vollweiler

We start off the new year by having mimosas with film festival promoter Eric Vollweiler. Listen as we talk about movies, love, Tinder, eHarmony, JWed and film festivals.


Eric is based in Upstate NY and has been producing and marketing film festivals, conferences, movie premieres, parties at major film festivals and concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Utah, Connecticut, Boston, New Jersey, Manhattan, Albany and Buffalo since 2005. Some of Erics Credits include the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival, New York State International Film Festival, Winter Film Awards Indie Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, Silicon Beach Film Festival, Seal Beach Film Festival, Marina del Rey Film Festival, San Pedro International Film Festival.

Film Festivals

  1. Silicon Beach Film Festival- Fort Lauderdale Florida- Festival taking place February 9-12,  Submissions still open visit our website at .
  2. Garden State Film Festival taking place March 22-25 in Asbury Park NJ, Submissions are closed.  Website is
  3. Silicon Beach Film Festival- Los Angeles taking place April 20-27 Submissions still open visit our website at .
  4. Silver State Film Festival- Nevada taking place in the Spring. Submissions are open and the website is .
  5. Long Island International Film Expo taking place in Belmore, NY July 13-19 Submissions are now open .
  6. Princeton Independent Film Festival taking place in Princeton NJ in November of 2018 Submissions open January and the website is .
  1. Artemis Woman in Action Film Festival taking place March 22-25 in Los Angeles. Submissions are now closed and website is .
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Reasons to be thankful (2017)

The holidays are fast approaching. Our listeners reach out to us and tell us what they are most thankful for. So grab a mimosa and toast to your life – and your successes – and be thankful.

Mattie Cooper:

Denise Gossett:

Veronica Kuznets (@admrlackbarsbae) tweets: I’m thankful for my family first and foremost. They don’t have to be blood related or human. I’m also thankful for my true blue friends and that I have a job right now. #ThankfulFor

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Episode 3 – Richard Trejo

This episode introduces my friend Richard Trejo. He is my good friend, sound engineer and co-host of my other podcast When Straight Meets Gay.


” Since I was a young kid, I’ve had this fascination with Werewolves. This fascination drove me to the film ‘An American Werewolf in London’ At the wide-eyed age of 8, I stared at that hairy, magnificent, werewolf in wonderment. From that moment I was hooked to movies. While embarking upon my journey to watch as many movies as I could I realized a couple of things along the way: Sound is major, but only as much as music. 

Sound has been a big part of my life, since I was a kid. Whether it be watching Spielberg films or James Cameron, it has been a major inspiration. Another thing these heavy hitters taught me were that music can make or break a scene. I realized that a Low rumbling drone can create tension or suspense, or a properly placed violin sting can heighten the intensity. Music is just as important. Robert Rodriguez and John Carpenter not only enforced those philosophies, but put turned on the light bulb that I could do it myself. That’s when I started creating long moody songs, that I tried to fashion into traditional music. After I put some of my music behind Dean Werner’s ‘The Night’ I realized where my music belonged.

Up until about a year ago all this was a side project, or a hobby. I worked a desk job, at an insurance company the same time, taking the same trip, drinking out of the same cup, just pretty much doing the same thing every day… for 10 years…

For a year now I’ve been chasing my dream to make a living as a film maker. It’s hard, but the most rewarding times of my life. 

I have had my hand in a little bit of everything — Location Sound, Composing, Post Sound, Camera — but my end goal is to write, direct, and score my own flicks. Those are the three things I enjoy the most and look forward to sharing with the world. “


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Episode 2 – Dee Wallace

Famed actress Dee Wallace of E.T the Extra-Terrestrial as well as Cujo, The Howling, Critters, and the Hills Have Eyes stopped by to have mimosas with us. We talk about the importance of women in horror as well as great stories of working with such directors as Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and Joe Dante.

Come enjoy Misosas with Michael and Dee