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Interview 5 – MrMeathook

I got my love of horror from my cousin Daryl (YouTuber MrMeatHook.) Growing up he was obsessed with horror films, including the original Friday the 13th AND introduce me to the fan magazine Fangoria.  This eventually led me to become a horror writer and director – so this week I pay tribute to my cousin Daryl on Mimosas with Michael.


1. So what is the inspiration behind your YouTube channel? Why that particular format/medium?

My inspiration is that I’ve always wanted to entertain, but I’m pretty reclusive and socially awkward. YouTube gives me the opportunity to express my creativity without having people stare at me while I’m doing it. It also allows me to edit out bits that are not funny or would be considered uncouth.

2. What is the reason behind the name ‘MrMeatHook??’”

Well I had a couple of other names previously, but none of them seemed to fit right. I chose MrMeatHook because when I do Halloween costumes my weapon of choice is always a meat hook. Also it worked well since my last name is Hook. It was like kismet.

3. What does horror mean to you? Why do people love horror?

To me Horror is an intense feeling of shock or disgust. I could add fear to that list, but movies don’t really scare me anymore… except for Hell House LLC… that movie is scary as hell, it just gives a feeling of impending dread the whole time. I’ve known several die hard horror fans that have actually had to pause the movie and go do something happy for a bit before finishing the movie. I don’t know if I can speak for why everyone loves horror, but I love it because it gives you the chance to see horrific death without having to be the victim or perpetrator. Writers and directors come up with some incredible and creative deaths these days. People also love being scared, but as I said, movies don’t really scare me anymore, I’m pretty desensitized.

4.  If you could be killed by any horror villain, which one would it be and why?

If I could choose which one would do me in, I would definitely have to go with Victor Crowley. At least my death would be over the top gory and super creative!

5. What is your favorite horror movie? What does it signify for you?

My favorite is actually Halloween III: Season of the Witch. You know the one most people hate because it doesn’t have Michael Myers. I love that it dared to be such a departure from the norm. Taking an established franchise and turning it on it’s ear and doing something different. To me It signifies part of what is wrong with people. They’re afraid to try anything new. This is also why most modern horror seems to be the same 6 movies remade with a different protagonist and name.

Mr MeatHook on YouTube

Mr. MeatHook on Instagram

Mr MeatHook on Twitter

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Episode 8 – Gregory Blair

Award-winning actor/writer/director/producer Gregory Blair was born and bred in Southern California. He studied theater at various locations throughout Los Angeles–including UCLA–and also studied abroad at Cambridge University. He is a Geoffrey Award winning actor, EOTM Award winning director, Stonewall Award winning novelist and multi-produced and award-winning screenwriter and playwright.

As an actor, Gregory has graced the stage (Sylvia, Working, Six Degrees of Separation, etc.) the big screen (Ooga Booga, Fang, Look Back, etc.), and the small screen (Escape The Night, Love That Girl!, Amazing Sports Stories, etc.); as a writer he has been represented on stage (Cold Lang Syne, The Last Banana and Nicholas Nickleby), in prose (The Ritual, Little Shivers and Spewing Pulp) and in screenplays, including the original script resulting in Heretiks (due out this year), the award-wining Garden Party Massacre and Deadly Revisions, now available via SGL Entertainment.

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Interview 1 – Barbara Spoor

So here at Mimosas with Michael, we wanted to do something new and different. We thought it would be neat to include online articles and interviews of people who have fun and exciting ventures going on – and that we could share with our audience.

We decided to launch our first interview with Barbara Spoor, who at the age of 25 walked off her job to follow her passion…and started a blog in the process.

1. First off, I’d like to ask what inspired you to start your blog ‘I Quit My Job at 25’

Writing has always been a big passion of mine. The week of my 25th birthday, I was going through a really big shift in how I was thinking about the life I was living. It’s funny, because there was absolutely nothing wrong with my life coming from a logical stand point. I had a great job with a Major Hollywood Studio. I lived in an amazing house, I had great friends, my bills were paid for the most part.. I just wasn’t moving forward. That was something I fought with internally for a really long time, because people were constantly telling me how lucky I was, and I felt like it should just be enough. I was, and still am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity that I did, because it came at the most perfect time in my life (which is another story). I just kind of had a moment where I realized I was still young, and had all of the time in the world to work for someone else. I wasn’t really utilizing any of my creative talents in the work I was doing. I knew at that rate, I’d never make any progress with any of it if I stayed in the position I was in. I made the decision to quit my job that week, which certainly wasn’t an easy decision. Every question and concern possible ran through my head, but in the end I believed I made the right choice. I decided I wanted to share my story with anyone who would listen in hopes it might reach someone who needs a little inspiration… and so, ‘I Quit My Job At 25’ was born.

2. So what did you learn from working for a MAJOR studio?

I learned a lot about the entertainment industry as a whole. I was in a corporate role, and my department had to pay close attention to what was going on in the media. There are a lot of layers to giant companies, and really the goal at the end of the day is for them to make more money than they did the day before. The way I saw it, I was putting all of my energy into making someone else’s dream come true, when I had big dreams of my own.

3. When you were 17, what was your reason for moving to Los Angeles?

Well, I’ve been writing lyrics to songs since I was 12, and I’ve been involved in the business side of the entertainment industry since I was 15. I started interning for management companies, and working for bands through Myspace in 2008. I took a trip to LA for a bunch of events one summer, and I fell in love with the city. I’m from a very small town in Upstate NY, and there weren’t very many opportunities for the things I wanted to do in the area I was in.

4. Did that dream change after you moved here? After working for the major studio?

I think my dream just changed direction throughout the course of my time in LA. Living there was definitely a huge dream I didn’t want to let go of for a really long time. I am still in love with the city as a whole, but as anyone who lives there would know, it’s not the easiest to conquer financially, so I had to give it up for the time being. My amazing job was only fulfilling the purpose of paying my bills, and there wasn’t really any significant projected growth. Even though I was living in LA, which I thought was the most important step to the dream, it turned out that I didn’t end up having much time at all to work on my music and do what needed to be done. My dreams are still pretty much the same, I’m just on a different path. Basically, I’m just finding a different way to make it work.

5. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to follow their dream?!

My first piece of advice would definitely be to stop doubting yourself. Stop making up reasons in your head that it won’t work, and find a way that it can. There are always little steps you can take towards achieving your dream that aren’t quite as drastic as quitting your job, and uprooting your entire life. Start believing in yourself, and your talents, and passions, and create the life that will make you happiest. The best thing for me has ironically been finding awesome podcasts to listen to. There are so many great shows out there that will speak to you, and just fill you with so much inspiration to do something great. Utilize all of the tools that you have available to you right now.

BLOG: https://iquitmyjobat25.tumblr.com/

Instagram: https://iquitmyjobat25.tumblr.com/

BIO for Barbara Spoor

Barbara Spoor was born and raised in a three-stoplight-town in Upstate New York. As a teenager, Barbara found an interest in writing songs, and working within different areas of the Entertainment Industry. At the age of 17, she packed her bags, and left her small town, behind to chase her dreams in Los Angeles. While living in LA, Barbara gained experience on the business end of the industry, began writing for other artists, and launched a singing career of her own under the stage name Lucy Rae. In 2014, Barbara had what she calls her “Cinderella Moment,” and landed a job with a Major Hollywood Studio. She spent the next three years working at her corporate level job until the week of her 25th Birthday, when she decided to quit her job to continue pursuing her passions. Over the course of the last few months, Barbara has been continuously learning, and making steps towards her biggest dreams. Barbara’s blog, ‘I Quit My Job At 25’, is documentation of her journey in this latest phase of her life

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Episode 7 – Eric Vollweiler

We start off the new year by having mimosas with film festival promoter Eric Vollweiler. Listen as we talk about movies, love, Tinder, eHarmony, JWed and film festivals.


Eric is based in Upstate NY and has been producing and marketing film festivals, conferences, movie premieres, parties at major film festivals and concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Utah, Connecticut, Boston, New Jersey, Manhattan, Albany and Buffalo since 2005. Some of Erics Credits include the Saratoga Springs International Film Festival, New York State International Film Festival, Winter Film Awards Indie Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, Silicon Beach Film Festival, Seal Beach Film Festival, Marina del Rey Film Festival, San Pedro International Film Festival.

Film Festivals

  1. Silicon Beach Film Festival- Fort Lauderdale Florida- Festival taking place February 9-12,  Submissions still open visit our website at www.siliconbeachff.com .
  2. Garden State Film Festival taking place March 22-25 in Asbury Park NJ, Submissions are closed.  Website is www.gsff.org
  3. Silicon Beach Film Festival- Los Angeles taking place April 20-27 Submissions still open visit our website at www.siliconbeachff.com .
  4. Silver State Film Festival- Nevada taking place in the Spring. Submissions are open and the website is www.silverstatefilmfestival.com .
  5. Long Island International Film Expo taking place in Belmore, NY July 13-19 Submissions are now open www.longislandfilmexpo.com .
  6. Princeton Independent Film Festival taking place in Princeton NJ in November of 2018 Submissions open January and the website is www.prindie.org .
  1. Artemis Woman in Action Film Festival taking place March 22-25 in Los Angeles. Submissions are now closed and website is www.artemisfilmfestival.com .
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Episode 6 – Tyler Gallant

Our last interview of the year is our friend, actor and retired hockey player, Tyler Gallant.


Tyler Gallant is an American born actor and former pro Ice hockey player. Tyler was born in Boston, MA to Robert and Janice Gallant and brother to Ryan Gallant. Tyler’s first love was acting but had always been involved in various sports as well. At the age of 12, Gallant really started to excel at ice hockey and played for various select teams. Gallant played college hockey for St Norbert College and Arizona State University, where he also studied acting and Journalism. After college Gallant signed pro and played 4 years professionally.

Gallant’s love for acting and film started at the age of 7, while making home movies with his friends and cousins. College presented a golden opportunity to further his education of his lifelong passion for acting and film more aggressively; he immersed himself in acting, theatre, film study and film critique classes.

To date, Tyler Gallant has acted and/or been in a wide variety of media: film, TV, radio, web series, commercials, promotions, and modeling. Gallant’s passion for film and past experiences in sports have molded him into a versatile, hard working, loyal, competitive and honest team player. Those qualities, along with tremendous focus and work ethic, are brought to every project Gallant is involved with.





Theatrical Reel

Stunt/fight reel


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Episode 5 – Matthew R. Fleming

Michael sits and has a mimosa with horror author Matthew R. Fleming, who has self-published his first novel The Dreams.


Waking up in an unknown forest with four strangers, James has an unsettling feeling that the group is not alone. As tension mounts and he finds himself questioning the motives and loyalty of his companions, one of the group members disappears, leaving only a pool of blood behind. It soon becomes clear that something very large and unnatural is in the deep secret places of the forest. And it knows they are there . . .


Matthew R. Fleming lives in northern Illinois with his wife, three dogs, and six cats. He is an avid animal lover and participates in animal fostering. Matthew received a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University. A Stephen King fan from an early age, Matthew discovered a love for all things horror. He now spends his time caring for his animals, interacting with readers, and working on new book ideas.


Order your copy here:  Amazonthe Dreams

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Reasons to be thankful (2017)

The holidays are fast approaching. Our listeners reach out to us and tell us what they are most thankful for. So grab a mimosa and toast to your life – and your successes – and be thankful.

Mattie Cooper:

Denise Gossett:

Veronica Kuznets (@admrlackbarsbae) tweets: I’m thankful for my family first and foremost. They don’t have to be blood related or human. I’m also thankful for my true blue friends and that I have a job right now. #ThankfulFor