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Episode 8 – Gregory Blair
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Episode 8 – Gregory Blair Mimosas with Michael on Spotify Mimosas with Michael on YouTube BIO: Award-winning actor/writer/director/producer Gregory Blair was born and bred in Southern California. He studied theater at various locations throughout Los Angeles--including UCLA--and also studied abroad at Cambridge University. He is a Geoffrey Award winning actor, EOTM Award winning director, Stonewall Award winning novelist and multi-produced and award-winning screenwriter and playwright. As an actor, Gregory has graced the stage (Sylvia, Working, Six Degrees of Separation, etc.) the big screen (Ooga Booga, Fang, Look Back, etc.), and the small screen (Escape The Night, Love That Girl!, Amazing Sports Stories, etc.); as...
Interview 1 – Barbara Spoor
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Interview 1 – Barbara Spoor

So here at Mimosas with Michael, we wanted to do something new and different. We thought it would be neat to include online articles and interviews of people who have fun and exciting ventures going on - and that we could share with our audience. We decided to launch our first interview with Barbara Spoor, who at the age of 25 walked off her job to follow her passion...and started a blog in the process. 1. First off, I’d like to ask what inspired you to start your blog ‘I Quit My Job at 25’ Writing has always been a big passion of mine. The week of my 25th birthday, I was going through a really big shift in how I was thinking about the life I was living. It's funny, because there was absolutely nothing wrong with my life coming from a logical stand point. I had a great job with a Major Hol...