Sunday, January 29

Episode 60 – Everett Osborne

Everett Osborne was introduced to me by friend and manager, Matt Chassin. Everett has a chill vibe and he is an established basketball player who has launched his own clothing line – Brand Evolving.

[I also apologize – even with modern technology – and in the age of video phone calls for social distancing; we had some small issues with connectivity. Please do not let that deter from the powerful message that Everett gives!]

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Everett Osborne, pro basketball player, actor, model & Founder/CEO of Brand Evolving is a living testament to the power of self-belief & perseverance. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California in a single-parent household, Everett was no stranger to gang culture. Determined to not become a product of his environment, he immersed himself in the game of basketball. Driven by a love for the game and passion for hard work alone, Everett studied and played every day and night.

Soon, Everett learned that just because you love something and work hard at it, doesn’t mean the road will be easy. As he matured through the game, Everett faced slander & doubt from coaches and players alike. Once an escape from surrounding disorder, basketball began to feel like turmoil and pure love for the sport was no longer a motivating force. Being counted out began to eat at both his confidence & performance. Though everyone was telling Everett that he wasn’t good enough & to give up, he remained the first one in the gym and the last to leave. He held on to the love for the game and to his dream of becoming a pro player.

Through enduring invalidation, Everett saw that hard work matched with an unwavering belief in self attracts success and opportunity. Only 2% of people in the world go to college and play Division 1 basketball on a full scholarship and Everett ended up being the only player from his high school to do so. His unconventional journey from high school to university included a pit stop at LA Trade tech Junior College where Everett was able to grow on and off the court. After a year in the trenches, he received his full-ride basketball scholarship to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and went on to graduate as a student-athlete president. Post-graduation, Everett achieved his dream and became a pro player in Australia where he has played for 3 years. When not playing overseas Everett currently serves as a keynote speaker for a number of corporate and youth organizations and stars in the top basketball commercials and films the world has seen, such as Nike’s “Want it All “ft Lebron James.

The accumulation of goals achieved lead Everett to create Brand Evolving was focusing on improving every day is a way of life. On the path to greatness, obstacles are inevitable and Brand Evolving, an extension of Everett Osborne’s testimony, seeks to ignite the tenacity to endure in everyone

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