Monday, July 4

Episode 49 – Nikolay Moss

I met Nickolay Moss through Instagram. He is a mutual friend of Guy Wilson, who I worked with years ago on a film, and just have always kept in touch! Seeing as we are in the same industry, Nick and I have talked many times, and I thought he would great to have on the show to talk about his upcoming projects…and well, also winning his Emmy!


Nikolay ‘Nick’ Moss is an Emmy® Award-Winning American actor, known for his leading roles in The Cobblestone Corridor & GodComplx, among others. At the 2017 NE Emmy® Awards, Nick won the Emmy® for Outstanding Performer for his portrayal of Brock Larson in TV Series, The Cobblestone Corridor. The show was honored with a total of 3 Emmy® Awards (Outstanding Performer, Outstanding Writer & Outstanding Director) out of 9 nominations. Nick grew up as a “third culture kid”, moving to different countries every few years throughout his childhood. Nick speaks both Russian & Polish, is an accomplished Piano player (classical & jazz), a former collegiate soccer player, holds a Bachelor’s degree from GWU, and was born in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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