Episode 40 – Jake Jensen

Jake and I were friends on Instagram first.  Then we got to work together when Troy Akin brought him in to act in the web series AD Out, which I directed. Since Jake is an athlete including tennis, it was an obvious fit.

So Jake came on the show to talk about his career and his experience on the set of AD Out.

You can listen to the episode on Anchor.fm here:



Jake is an actor, musician, screenwriter, and producer. He has a PhD in Sport Psychology and specializes in mindfulness training for athletes, actors, and others. His experiences while attending graduate school in east Tennessee helped fuel the development of Marmousch, set in Nashville, which is about a southern evangelist, a retired uber-pious baseball player, and country music. And the Lord. Jake has many projects in development including one about sport psychologists and can’t wait to play Victor Lemmons in The Race

Jake Jensen Instagram

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