Wednesday, April 14

Episode 33 – Adam Devenport

Adam Devenport and I met on the set of Boss Cheer and immediately bonded…and a year after the show is done we still keep in touch. He is very positive and uplifting and I enjoyed chatting with him. He is also extremely talented and athletic. He is someone I greatly admire. We talk often – one of the joys of social media!

I recorded this on my phone and I sound like the guest on Adam sounds like he is in studio….gotta love it!

So I want to introduce you to my friend Adam Devenport. 

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I’m Adam! I’m from and live in South Carolina and I’m 25 years old. I’m an entrepreneur, influencer, pro-tricker and free thinker. With over 44,800 followers on Instagram, my mission is to positively influence people that admire & respect me. My platform is to be genuinely me on and off social media, in front of or behind the camera.

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