Saturday, August 13

Happy First Year Anniversary

Mimosas with Michael on Spotify

In September of 2017 I approached my friend Richard Trejo and told him I wanted to launch my own podcast. He was gracious enough at the time to open his home studio for me to record at. He even served as my engineer – and was my third guest on the show! I was fairly new to podcasting – I suppose even one year in I would still be considered a newbie – I just knew I had a good idea and that I loved talking!

My first several guests called into the show as Richard’s studio was not in Los Angeles and we scheduled around both of our active film schedules. Having guests call in was easier. I would schedule two or three in one afternoon and then we would edit them and release them every other week.

Then as the podcast grew I started receiving requests from guests and friends who wanted to talk about an upcoming project they had and wanted a platform in which to talk about it. So for more timely and relevant news I decided to start a blog portion where I could feature artists, musicians, and actors – as well as my own thoughts on life. I would even attend fun events and blog from them, including red carpet interviews and random introductions of people I met at festivals and conventions and post them on the YouTube page.

Podcasting is a full time job, between scheduling interviews, editing episodes, and trying to consistently grow the audience, but I won’t lie – I love it! Being a filmmaker I meet many amazing actors and artists who have great stories to tell…and who also love mimosas, naturally!

I am truly grateful to those who have helped this podcast grow and those who continually support it. Thank you to Richard Trejo for helping my vision come to life. Thank you to Josh and Jennifer Burnell, who allow me to use their studio, it is because of them that I am able to grow – and now have in-studio guests! Thank you to my dearest friends Tyler Gallant and Veronica Kuzents and Brantley J. Brown and Tyler Piedmonte for always listening to  my ideas and helping promote the show – as well as liking every tweet or Instagram post. I also want to say thank you to everyone who has been on the show – and who will be on the show – and to those who have emailed me, texted me, or messaged me their feedback about the show. I hope you will grow with me during the next year and the years to follow.

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