Friday, December 4

Judge vs. Doctor

As I write this post it should be known that I am not the most political person. I do not usually write blog posts on political issues as I know there are others who are more informed than I am when it comes to the daily workings of our democracy; however the hearing yesterday between Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, to me, is not about politics; it is neither about Democrats vs Republics but really rather about what is right vs what is wrong.

So one thing I have learned about life is that perception is everything.

The majority Republican Senate is about to approve their pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to the highest position in the court of the United States. This, of course, is nothing that should be taken lightly, especially since it is a life-long position. Also, as it stands, and to my understanding, based on Mr. Kavanaugh’s position on abortion (with the idea he would turn back a precedent issue like Roe vs Wade) or his thoughts on how a sitting president should not face criminal charges, he has had the lowest approval rating of any nominee ever. So I cannot understand why the Republicans are so gangbuster  about pushing him through considering they were so adamant about the Democratic nominee Merrick Garland not be appointed. To me, it is perceived that the Republicans have a different agenda in mind.

Now we have a woman, Christine Blasey Ford, come forward – especially among fear, facing scrutiny and ridicule, as well as death threats to her and her family, and state that Mr. Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge sexually assault her in high school.

Now, let’s take a step back and think about this for a moment. If the Me Too movement has taught us anything, it is that it takes great courage for women to step forward. All she asked is that she be heard, because she felt it was her civic duty to tell the truth.  So why can’t the Republican Senators do their civic duty and listen….fairly and impartially.

Instead they rushed to get her onto the floor, they denied her an FBI investigation, refusing to reopen Brett Kavanaugh’s background check, and the week before her testimony it appeared that they were on Mr. Kavanaugh’s side, no matter what. President Trump came to Mr. Kavanaugh’s defense before Christine even uttered a word. Does that seem fair?

But again, perception is everything and I do not think it is hard to perceive where the Republicans on the Judicial Committee stand, seeing as it felt as if they were just doing the hearing to placate those involved. They did not allow other corroborating testimony; they did not allow the other accuses to talk; and it was by far apparent, to me at least,  when Christine Blasey Ford kept her composure the entire hearing while Brett Kavanaugh, Chuck Grassley, and Lindsey Graham had temper-tantrums and emotional breakdowns. Mrs. Ford was the accuser but those gentleman cried victim. I think perhaps they misunderstand the core value of the me too movement.

They had an opportunity to set a precedent and be on the right side of history. I truly feel they chose poorly.

But then I do not understand politics, so what do I know?

What  I do know? At least what I feel in my heart, is that Christine Blasey Ford – and the other accusers – had the right to be heard; they had a right to an FBI investigation; and I do believe that the American people have the right to a government that looks out for the country as  whole rather than the ego of politicians, and who are bound by the Constitution and not their religion or beliefs.


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  • Though I agree that sexual assault / harassment / etc. should be taken seriously, you have to also look at the fact that he worked under Pres. Bush, currently holds a District Judge position and has held a high rating with the ABA. Where was she during all that time? Why is it important now? Lastly, why do this doing a “Job Interview”?
    I may not agree with his stance on Roy vs Wade, but he will not be the only Judge on the Court. Remember, there are a total of 12 judges and that branch of government should be a diverse thinking group of people to be able to ask the correct questions to get the correct solutions.
    I am curious how all this will end, I am not sure which side maybe correct and haven’t settled myself yet as I am still reading all the testimonies. Seems more a circus event and a way to get ratings, but hey, this is America now.

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