Episode 18 – Andres Mejia Vallejo

Met this wonderful handsome guy Andres, a Colombian actor, model, and athlete from Colombia. He is also a writer, producer, and YouTuber…and Mimosas with Michael is his first podcast!

You can listen to the episode on Anchor.fm here:



Colombian actor, writer, producer and you-tuber. Raised in Colombia Andrés comes from a family of artists. At the age of 3 he started to play the piano and since his early years he has received musical and dance training. At the age of 12 he became an accomplished speed-skater wining several tournaments. And around the same time he joined a theater group in Colombia. After doing a lot of theater in his own country Andrés moved to the USA to focus 100% on his artistic career. Today Andres resides in Los Angeles, California where he actively pursues his career as an actor. He has worked for companies like Universal Music Group as a publicist. Univision Networks as a Producer and Bunim Murray Productions as an Associate Producer and a writer. He launched his YouTube channel and a web series in early 2016 and ever since he’s building a name for himself as a digital influence-r. He recently stared in Shakespeare in Love as Ned Alleyn in Bogotá, Colombia and has a movie on demand, in English, called Reel Nightmare. He’s done a lot of theater in Hollywood and thanks to one of his performances Al Pacino came up to him after a show and congratulated the Colombian actor for his role. His excellent background both behind and in front of the cameras make him a well rounded artist. And his focus, nonstop persistence and dedication have put Andrés, very quickly, on the map of the Hollywood entertainment show business.

Andres Mejia Vallejo on YouTube

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