Saturday, August 13

Pay Equity Study at IA Local 871

The film union, IATSE Local 871, did a pay equity study earlier this year that was just released, showing how female dominated positions within the film industry are paid less on average – because they are female! In this politically charged climate, it is important to understand the value of each person. It is important to understand the value of everyone no matter of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. When comes to the work place, qualified recipients come in all kinds of packages – and having a bias means you are losing out on valuable workers.

I am part of this union, made of up script supervisors (continuity), production accountants, production office coordinators, assistant production office coordinators, art department coordinators, teleprompters, and recently script coordinators, and writer’s assistants. I support this pay equity!

The Los Angeles Times ran a story of this including a great interview with our Union President, Dawn Gilliam.

Read it here:

Los Angeles Times

And please take a moment to read and sign this petition. It is not about special treatment; it is about fair treatment!

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