Interview 19 – Holiday State

1) Tell us about how your band was formed?

Well…we’re brothers so we’ve always been playing music and singing and dancing around the house growing up. We’ve done some individual projects and been in other groups and bands together but it always involved other musicians as well. Those different projects ended just because a lot of the people we worked with weren’t dedicated enough or didn’t have the same goals in mind as we did. So in late 2014 we decided to start a group just the three of us and it’s been good ever since.

2) How would you describe your music?

Our music is a mixture of mostly country/pop. Very melodic, catchy hooks, meaningful lyrics, and 3 part harmonies.

3) What is the inspiration for your music?

Life in general. Real stories. Good and bad situations, ups and downs relationships, love, emotions. And helping people enjoy themselves

4) What is next for you guys?

We just recorded new music in Nashville with Charliehorse productions. We are releasing our new single in June 2018 on most platforms, along with all new branding

5) What advice would you give to your fans or to anyone who wants to follow
their dream of music?

We’d say to do what you love. Simple as that. Life is too short to be doing what doesn’t make you happy. It’s definitely a crazy, long journey with many ups and downs, just keep pushing, be yourself, be strong, don’t forget why you do it, and no matter what anybody says…keep grinding and make your dreams come true

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