Friday, December 4


June 11, 2018 – It is Pride month here in Los Angeles – as well as a few other cities across the US. Last weekend, as it was beautiful and warm here in Los Angeles, thousands of people came out to enjoy the sun, listen to music, and march down the main street of the city in celebration of diversity.

In this recent political climate it seems many people feel empowered to not only express their fear of those that are different but lash out physically at them as well. It is very scary that there are those that can do harm to another human and feel no remorse. Or that they feel so privileged enough to attack violently.

Growing up gay it was my fear that I would some day be assailed for being who I was. I did not expect to have that same fear in 2018. Neither did Jake Garcia, who was attacked last week, here in Los Angeles, while going to the store.

He recounts his story here on Facebook:

I am just glad that he was not injured any further and is healing nicely. He is lucky, as so many of our brothers and sisters have been less fortunate in this fight. This is a sad reminder of what hate can do and a reminder that even though we have come so far, we still have a long way to go towards equality.


Feature photo of our host Michael Coulombe taken by Parker Austin.



  • Brantley Brown

    Such an important piece. It’s sad to think that even with all of the advances our community has made, there are still bigoted people who try to make their point with physical violence. We should be able to be safe in our differences. It’s what makes humans so fascinating. We are different, but we can coexist. It is possible.


    Well done, Michael. This can’t be stressed enough that hate crimes, casual violence like this bashing, are still common and sometimes difficult to investigate, let alone prosecute. Note the perp who did this rabbited off like the coward he is.
    I’m glad you used Parker’s photo too. Illustrates the piece perfectly.

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