Saturday, August 13

WhedonCon 2018

I attended my first sci-fi convention this month: WhedonCon. A Whedonverse convention by fans, for fans, while raising money for charity. (The Lupus Foundation of America in memory of Ron Glass to the AL Wooten Jr. Heritage Center.)

I have to say that I am not the biggest fan of sci-fi as I am for horror, but I did enjoy this convention. In it’s third year it’s still growing so it’s not at the stage yet where it’s so over  crowded that you can’t talk to fellow convention goers or vendors or that the lines are so long when you wait for the panels. It is, however, nicely attended and I found that the fans of the convention were just as much fun to talk to as the celebrities!

Held at the Warner Center Marriot in Woodland Hills, California it’s a nice venue. Plenty of parking, which isn’t overly expensive, several conference rooms for panels and Q&As – plus they also utilize other floors as well to keep the traffic flow moving. There is also a lounge on the top floor where you can grab a cup of coffee, sit for a second or just catch up with some friends.

There is a Starbucks at the hotel but not many food vendors. We lucked out because there was an adoption fair across the street at the park that had several food trucks – but I do believe the mall is rather close to the venue with a various assortment of food options and restaurants..

It was also wonderful running into my friend and producer Nicci Freeman, who is a HUGE science fiction fan and powerful woman in film and actress and stunt women from The Orville Alina Andrei

I look forward to attending this event next year in 2019 – registration is already open – and seeing how this event grows.

Check out our video coverage from the event.

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