Saturday, August 13

Episode 14 – Del Obispo Road

So at the end of last year I wrote a short film based on a story told to me by my friend and actress Rochelle Robinson. I thought it would make a great film and I sat down and wrote it one day while on set filming.  My good friend Edward Coupland wanted to help produce it.

Then I wrote my screenplay Axe. Edward read it and loved the complexity of the character. From there he asked me if I would consider adapting the short film Del Obispo Road into a feature – so that he could act in a film that was complex and well written as well.  I asked my friend Brantley – who had just finished his film Chuckles to assist me.

We are very proud of this project!


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Edward Coupland

Edward was born and raised in Sheffield England. He studied acting at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London & renowned British actor & acting coach Paul Gregory. He has appeared in a number of International films & Television series, most notably the International horror movie ‘Spo0K’, where he played the leading role of Soren Steffanson. He owns the production company Eleven6, who are producing the feature film “Del Obispo Road, in which he stars’. Edward resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Brantley J. Brown

Brantley J. Brown is a screenwriter who lives in Southern California.

He majored in Media Arts & Animation through the Art Institutes of Pittsburgh and does freelance graphic design work on the side. He has created promotional artwork for “Axe”, an upcoming feature film starring Adam Huss, which is written and directed by Michael Coulombe.

In 2015, Brantley wrote the script for the short film, “Evan Says”, also serving as script supervisor. The short received generally positive reviews. Someday, Brantley hopes to be able to adapt the script for “Evan Says” into a feature. Another short film, entitled “Family Ties”, released in 2016, was based upon an original story by Brantley.

At the beginning of 2018. Brantley completed his first feature length screenplay, “Chuckles”. Award winning and nominated writer/director Michael Coulombe, known for Ax(2012), is attached to direct. Making an impression with his work on “Chuckles” Brantley was brought on board to co-write, with Michael Coulombe, the upcoming feature film adaptation of the short “Del Obispo Road”. Starring Edward Coupland, the feature length version of “Del Obispo Road” is due for release in summer of 2019.

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