Interview 15 – Ashley Cordelia

This week we talk to actress and singer Ashely Cordelia about her new film and her new album!

1. Tell us about the film MERMAID DOWN?

MERMAID DOWN is about a mermaid who gets ripped from the ocean, gets her tail chopped off and is thrown into a mental institution and no one believes she’s a mermaid. I play a mental patient named Rebecca.

2.What drew you to the film MERMAID DOWN?

Playing a mental patient is one role that was on my bucket list ever since I first watched ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST and GIRL, INTERRUPTED.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your character? How did you find your inspiration?

My character Rebecca is a phallically obsessed, young girl with deal-seated issues in this mental institution. I researched and pulled from my personal life to really bring Rebecca to life onscreen

4. What advice would you give to others pursing acting?

My advice is to never give up, no matter what. Follow your gut instincts and the pull of your soul. The people who succeed in this industry are the ones who perservere. Be tenacious and never be afraid of hearing the word, “No.”

5. Tell us more about any upcoming projects.

My new tune “50’s Romance” is about to be released on iTunes, Spotify, and numerous streaming platforms. You can also get my EDM raver anthem called “Our World” just in time for EDC. That would be cool if people listen to it on the way in… I’m imagining it now! 😋 “Make Me Feel” is a pop song of mine that is also available on iTunes as well as an ambient EDM track titled, “Drown In You.” I’m in a non-disclosure agreement so I cannot tell you any upcoming film projects, but I can say that there is much to come.
Another tune of mine that is about to be released is “Body” that I collaborated with LAzee Luu on. Luu and I also have a throwback hip-hop-vibed tune available titled “Ride.” Everything is available on iTunes, Spotify, and numerous streaming platforms.
My first full-length album “The Ush 2020” is dropping soon. Stay tuned! 💗

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