Interview 8 – Erick Ramos

I am inspired by Erick Ramos. He is smart, handsome, talented, and never wants to stop learning – plus he is a fan of my work, so that is a big plus as well! He found on social media and would hit me up about the process of filmmaking…and from there we became good friends. Now we talk ALL the time!

1. When did you find your passion for film-making?
I began like so many, at a young age. I can recall writing action stories like those of the Mission Impossible and James Bond series. However, like many of us, I also grew out of it and settled in the normality of life.

2. How did you begin?
It wasn’t until my late twenties that I found that passion within to really create film. A lot of that I owe to my dear friend Michael who I occasionally would talk with at any given time about film and the properties that allowed a film to come to fruition. I began using an iPhone and was shooting random scenes with my then five year old. The first short I made (if it can be called that) was called “Curiosity”. I shot it in my parents back yard on a summer afternoon, my son was running through corn fields and is mysteriously taken by a stranger. I had mounted my iPhone to the end of a budget jib crane that I bought online. I cut the film in premiere, mixed in some background sound and music. The overall project was a successful first attempt. With writing it began a little different. I started reading TV scripts and movie screenplays. I was reading several scripts a week, studying structure, the flow of dialog and arcs. Then I began to write my own, attempting to perfect a craft while creating my own signature style. I’ve grown more passionate with my writing, I still enjoy filming though.

3. What motivates you?
Various things at any moment can motivate me. Something as simple as a gorgeous day can spark the creativity in me to pull my camera out and shoot. However, seven out of ten times it is music. Occasionally, I listen to compositions from other composers to try and tap into my creativity and envision a scene or a camera shot. Sometimes I even attempt to get into my characters state of mind, feel their emotions and hurt like they would. This often caters to my long periods of writing and rewriting.

4. Which artist/filmmakers inspire you?
Charles Chaplin is the most inspiring figure in my life. His fluidity to direct, compose, write, and act was astonishing. His constant strive to perfect his works remind me very much of myself today. He had a profound talent that set the stage for many of us today. Ridley Scott is my modern day inspiration in film-making. His use of audio and visual stimulation, and more so, his consistent use of Scope 2.39:1 is something that has drawn me to adapt a similar technique in my projects.

5. What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning in the industry?
You have to be ready to give everything else up. If you love it so much you have to be ready to throw yourself into it. Whether it’s writing or filming. Practice, work on your craft and don’t be afraid to try things out. You won’t know what you are capable of unless you try


Erick Ramos is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served during Operation Enduring Freedom in the aftermath of September 9/11.

Erick is a creative professional who has more than 18 years experience designing, developing and deploying projects for corporate and identity branding. He holds 16 years experience utilizing various software applications used in the media industry along with strong skills in graphic design, photography, and film.

Erick currently serves as a creative consultant for Wonstark Group,Inc. and works on contributing to Non-Profit’s like Autism Speaks and Toys for Tots. He has recently worked on numerous film projects, in charge of writing, filming, producing and editing as the President of Production at Stark Element Films.


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