Interview 7 – Taylor J. Martin

This week I present to you my dear friend and producing partner Taylor J. Martin!

1. Who is Taylor J. Martin the man?

Well, I would say that I am a man who is consciously present. I love meeting new people, I love seeing new places, and I love the simple things in life. Half of me is warm, kind, care-free, understanding and forgiving, and the other half of me is focused, logistical, persistent and pursuant. Win me over with great food, great sunsets and great company.

2. Who is Taylor J. Martin the filmmaker?

I love everything filmmaking. The challenges, struggles, and failures to the accomplishments, achievements and successes. I love bringing together a team in making a story come to life. I love seeing how a story can influence and effect an audience. I love the emotion that is evoked through great storytelling.

3. Describe Martin Broz, LLC?

Martin Broz was officially launched in fall of 2017 after years in the making. Operated by Taylor J Martin alongside my brother Reed R Martin. Together our mission is to tell stories that change the way people think, feel and live their lives. Martin Broz offers a wide range of services catered to filmmakers and actors. Whether you are an in pre-production, production or post, we offer unmatched collaborative creativity at the most competitive pricing in Los Angeles. Find out more here:  Martin Broz

4. What advice would you give to a young filmmaker or actor who is just staring out in the industry?

Only go on this journey if passion consumes you. That passion is what will drive you at the lowest lows and highest highs. Stay present, build relationships, and stay focused. You may have to sacrifice, things will not be easy or given, and people in your life will fade away. All of this builds your strength and narrows in your focus so that new chapters can be written. Your journey is what you manifest through your thoughts and actions; make sure your daily thoughts and actions drive you further along the path each and every day. Lastly, be mindful of others. Be conscious to those around you. Help others when you can. And never forget to smile!

5. What would you say motivates you?

You have to find your inner motivation. Circumstances, people, and situations can either motivate you or work in the opposite. Motivation has to come from within. For me, the results of my work give me motivation. There will always be subtle signs along the way letting you know you are on the right path, even in the most difficult and challenging of times. If the passion and focus is there, the motivation is there. Learn from your mistakes and defeats, don’t let them consume you. Stay positive. Stay Optimistic. Stay Curious. And never stop learning.

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