Episode 10 – Burgandi Phoenix

I am traveling abroad this to the UK for my birthday….and I thought it would be great to introduce you to my dear friend Burgandi Phoenix. I adore this wonderful lady. Sit back and enjoy Mimosas with Michael…and Burgandi Phoenix

Listen on Anchor here:




Actress Burgandi Trejo Phoenix, is a radiant, feisty, petite, Native American/Latin American actress in Los Angeles with a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh.

She has worked in several independent feature films. She has produced 2 short films for the 48 Hour Film Festival and is working towards, producing her 3rd short film in the summer of 2018 and her first feature film by the end of 2018.

Burgandi is often described by those she has worked with, in class and on set, as a goofy, funny, positive, bright light, with endless energy. She is working very hard, towards becoming a household name on Prime Time Television, as well as, booking her first major motion picture. She has had extensive training including UCB, Lesly Kahn, Stella Adler, The Laura Henry Studio and is currently enrolled in an ongoing class at the Stuart Rogers Studio.

Burgandi’s danced as a company member with the Tucson School of Ballet and Ballet Rincon for several years and eventually went onto train in belly dancing, salsa, ballroom, modern and lyrical.

She is currently the national spokesperson for talentboom.com, an entertainment media company and a contributing writer for MsIntheBiz.com and a blogger for MyFeistyLife.com and EntertainmentWorld.us

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