Interview 6 – Granison Crawford

Wanted to introduce you this week to actor and comedian and a dear acquaintance of mine Granison Crawford. I had the opportunity to direct Granison in a very sweet and poignant short film I wrote called The Purpose of Apples. When he isn’t acting he is doing stand up comedy – and he took a moment away from his routine to stop by and talk with us.

1. Tell me a little about Granison Crawford, the stand-up comedian?

I was adopted, or as I like to call it, “chosen” at five years old, and raised with my sister by a single mom in Oakland California. Growing up I was into comic books, soccer, video games, and Dungeons & Dragons. In school I was always the class clown, so I spent most of my time in detention for making the teachers and my classmates laugh. As a comedian I like to break down my life experiences using witty observations, silly analogies, and fun wordplay to tell my story

2. Tell us more about the League of Comedy

The League of Comedy is a company I started with a friend of mine about a year ago. I host and produce a weekly open mic and a monthly all-star show in Sherman Oaks. I know there are tons of open mics and shows, but for me I wanted the League of Comedy to be a space and community that comics felt encouraged to not only perform but also be a part of.

3. What inspired you to do stand-up comedy, what’s your story?

. I came straight from Chico State to LA in 2011, and one of my first friends happened to be a comedian. He brought me to all his shows. I never thought of becoming a comedian, but after seeing countless crappy comics my first year I thought I’d give it a try. My first open mic was at Flappers Comedy Club, and I was nervous and gassy, but still super excited to be there. An older comic saw me muttering my jokes to myself and came over for what I thought would be words of advice. “Your first time?” he asked. “Yeah”, I responded. “Don’t ruin your life.“ Oddly enough that was the same thing someone told me the first time I encountered cocaine at a party in LA. I didn’t do the cocaine, but the discouragement at the mic brought me a strange sense of determination. I went up that night and had 3 minutes of pure bliss.

4. What advice would you give to younger comedians, who are just starting out?

If I had to give advice to anyone looking to get into standup it would be; to always think in terms of building relationships with people you enjoy being around, whether it be with other comics or potential fans, know your worth, never doubt your resolve, and be consistent.”

5. What is next for Granison Crawford?

My goal is to continue to grow as a comedian, and to spread the League of Comedy nationwide. If you wanna come see me live I always have my show the first Tuesday of every month, and you can follow all my adventures on my Instagram.

Granison Crawford
IG: @instagranison

League of Comedy
IG: @the_league_of_comedy

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