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Interview 5 – MrMeathook

I got my love of horror from my cousin Daryl (YouTuber MrMeatHook.) Growing up he was obsessed with horror films, including the original Friday the 13th AND introduce me to the fan magazine Fangoria.  This eventually led me to become a horror writer and director – so this week I pay tribute to my cousin Daryl on Mimosas with Michael.


1. So what is the inspiration behind your YouTube channel? Why that particular format/medium?

My inspiration is that I’ve always wanted to entertain, but I’m pretty reclusive and socially awkward. YouTube gives me the opportunity to express my creativity without having people stare at me while I’m doing it. It also allows me to edit out bits that are not funny or would be considered uncouth.

2. What is the reason behind the name ‘MrMeatHook??’”

Well I had a couple of other names previously, but none of them seemed to fit right. I chose MrMeatHook because when I do Halloween costumes my weapon of choice is always a meat hook. Also it worked well since my last name is Hook. It was like kismet.

3. What does horror mean to you? Why do people love horror?

To me Horror is an intense feeling of shock or disgust. I could add fear to that list, but movies don’t really scare me anymore… except for Hell House LLC… that movie is scary as hell, it just gives a feeling of impending dread the whole time. I’ve known several die hard horror fans that have actually had to pause the movie and go do something happy for a bit before finishing the movie. I don’t know if I can speak for why everyone loves horror, but I love it because it gives you the chance to see horrific death without having to be the victim or perpetrator. Writers and directors come up with some incredible and creative deaths these days. People also love being scared, but as I said, movies don’t really scare me anymore, I’m pretty desensitized.

4.  If you could be killed by any horror villain, which one would it be and why?

If I could choose which one would do me in, I would definitely have to go with Victor Crowley. At least my death would be over the top gory and super creative!

5. What is your favorite horror movie? What does it signify for you?

My favorite is actually Halloween III: Season of the Witch. You know the one most people hate because it doesn’t have Michael Myers. I love that it dared to be such a departure from the norm. Taking an established franchise and turning it on it’s ear and doing something different. To me It signifies part of what is wrong with people. They’re afraid to try anything new. This is also why most modern horror seems to be the same 6 movies remade with a different protagonist and name.

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